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Bird Watching
Eco Lodge

Located in northeast Costa Rica, the Eco Lodge is a private reserve with 250 hectares of primary rain forest, 50 hectares of secondary forest, and 18 hectares of farmland. It lies on Lake Coter, between the Arenal Volcano and Tenorio Volcano National Park, in a middle elevation area, from 2300 to 3600 feet (700 to 1100 meters) above sea level, on the Tilaran Mountain Range.

Winds from the Atlantic sweep westbound to the Pacific, thus promoting the dispersal of various flora and fauna species.

We have identified 310-plus species, most of which are resident. Migratory species include local latitudinal migrants as well as North and South American migratory species.

The richest avifauna of Costa Rica is found in the rain forest of the Caribbean lowlands and middle elevations. Neighboring National Parks and the diversity of habitats within our private reserve - farmlands, forest and lake make of Eco Lodge a birding paradise.

The pictures were taken from the restaurant

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